Mustek East Africa invests over US $ 2.8 million to boost presence

Local computer assembler Mustek East Africa has re-launched its ‘Mecer’ brand with a variety of office equipment which include laptops, desktops, servers, slates and UPses. In addition to this, Mecer TVs are coming in handy to take care of the new epoch home use digital appliances.

In a move to turn around brand positioning, Mustek East Africa has switched to a new platform of product management, an approach expected to change market perception in favor of the ‘Mecer” brand.

While addressing the media at the company’s head office, the new managing director Mr. Corne Combrink said the move will go a long way in establishing credibility of the company’s brands at the channel sales levels.

Combrink said the company’s business model is structured to sell via channel partners even though end-user awareness will still be key. The resellers will have a choice of running with different brand names which are proposed by sales representatives depending on the end-users understanding of the products.

Albert Kigada Mustek East Africa’s regional sales and marketing manager said the re-launch of the brand would enhance competition in a more effective way by offering real alliance to partners.

Kigada said plans were underway to set foot in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan.

“We are going to focus more on Mecer products and services as they have got a huge growth potential in these countries’ market,” Kigada added.

As part of the relaunch, Mustek would be supporting three main lines – mainly Mecer Business Xpress Slate, a stylish new tablet and the home PCs which will be initially positioned to penetrate and capture the market with an attractive price tag.

The other line is via the business special, an intermediate system that will see the introduction of products fitted with new Intel microchip architecture.

The products in this range are expected to fill the gap existing in the high-end office users and small business space because of their performance, specifications and price.

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