Google Kenya homepage features Wildebeaste Migration doodle created by a Kenyan


In celebration of the greatest wildlife show on earth, Google Kenya homepage today – August 2 2011 – , features a migration doodle which was created by Kenyan artist, Samuel Githu, the first guest artist in Africa that Google has collaborated with.

According to Google, this doodle is timely as thousands of wildebeest are currently crossing the famous Grumeti River between the months of June and August.

The great migration, currently classified as one of the wonders of the world, takes place between the open plains of the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara, where thousands of wildebeest and zebras migrate to greener pastures as the seasons change and the circle of life continues. In the process, other wildlife predators follow the Wildebeest migrating closely, waiting for an opportunity to strike their identified prey as they make their way into different territories.

The customisation of the Google logo started in 1999 by Google Webmaster Dennis Hwang, whose work is seen by millions every time he and his team exhibits on the Google homepage.

Hwang, who is 29 years old, calls these drawings “doodles”. The Google Doodlers have celebrated and marked worldwide events, anniversaries and holidays with doodles that incorporate the Google logo.

A Google “doodle” is what is called the decoration made on the firm’s logo every so often.  Over the years, doodles have become one of the most beloved parts of Google, with Google doodles being produced to celebrate international holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of noted artists and scientists. Some popular doodles include Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Ray Charles, and Earth Day, among others.

Doodles have long been a part of Google’s history. Dennis Hwang became Google’s chief doodler when Larry and Sergey asked the then-intern Dennis to design a logo for the 4th of July in 2000.

Since then, the doodle team has celebrated and marked worldwide events, anniversaries, and holidays with doodles that are designed on, around and through the Google logo on the site’s home page. Google doodles have been produced for the birthdays of several noted artists and scientists, including Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Louis Braille, Percival Lowell, Edvard Munch, among others.




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