MTN BUSINESS Kenya unveils managed IP PABX service

MTN Business Kenya has unveiled it’s seamlessly digitized telephony solution dubbed MTN Managed IP PBX service.

MTN Managed IP PBX service is an advanced combination of technologies that delivers innovative telephony to businesses over an IP service.

Tom Omariba, Managing Director, MTN Business Kenya, said being a hosted service it will enable businesses to significantly reduce any capital expenditure, maintenance and total network costs, simultaneously increasing access to converged applications –making geographically dispersed offices irrelevant:

“The future is really here and it’s integral to today’s world. Convergence brings data and voice, IP and GSM together and is driven by increasingly mobile employees, the trend for staff to be always available, greater work pressure that demands instant answers and the need for more efficient collaboration to make informed decisions.”

Among other innovative features on the MTN Managed IP PBX include real-time management as it gives businesses the ability to manage users easily, monitor and manage services via a user-friendly online portal:

“With the shift to Internet Protocol-driven networks, the possibility of replacing outdated communication technologies with software-driven solutions has become a distinct reality. Nowhere is this potential better realised than with the PBX. The centre of telephony for many companies, the PBX – or Private Branch Exchange – is traditionally a hardware device which manages the internal communications of a private organisation. As voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) matures, the hardware PBX has become increasingly irrelevant. All of its functions can be replaced by software, while a range of additional functionality can be introduced, “said Omariba.

And with the advanced applications feature, it will also allow an increasing number of applications to integrate into the solution, enabling collaboration:

“The Managed IP PBX has built-in, cost-effective routing, evaluating each outgoing call and selecting the most appropriate breakout point to further reduce costs.

The MTN Managed IP PBX solution is also built upon the MTN Core Network Infrastructure and subject to strict controls that ensure high levels of availability and reliability:

“These include stringent security measures and a consistently controlled and monitored environment for optimum performance of infrastructure. And with MTN Managed IP PBX, customers can be assured of hassle-free convergence, “said Omariba.

With the spectrum of applications and services evolving, Omariba said MTN Business will remain at the forefront of innovation – lowering costs and increasing efficiencies in the local workplace as the IP and GSM networks can now be merged.

MTN Business is therefore set on delivering a realistic convergence roadmap to the market, insisting on being transparent and deliberate in what they term ‘the phased approach’; the first phase for any business wanting to take convergence seriously, is switching its PABX systems over to an IP PBX.


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