Huawei showcases mobile broadband solutions in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

China’s Huawei Technologies has embarked on a journey to showcase its latest mobile broadband (MBB) solutions. The roadshow, to be carried out through a demo truck, began from South Africa through Kenya then Tanzania, before ending in Uganda.

The road show comes at time when mobile broadband (MBB) is playing a key role in driving revenue growth for operators in Africa. However, due to increasing competition operators are busy expanding capacity instead of enhancing MBB user experience, which will cause a rapid decline in operator profits.

Huawei SMART MBB is an end-to-end solution that increases network capacity and improves network efficiency, enabling operators to have smarter, more precise and effective ways of optimizing hotspots and overall throughput, which leads to guaranteed satisfactory user experience and savings on total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators.

“For years, Kenya and Africa in general were faced with bandwidth challenges. However the situation is improving with the landing of submarine cables. Huawei MBB solution seeks to provide more bandwidth, more frequency efficiency, more innovative applications, and smarter network management,” said Herman He, Huawei Kenya chief executive.

He added that in future, due to MBB’s easy and fast roll-out, every subscriber would be able to create, access, and share information and engage in social and gaming activities in a completely mobile networked world through any terminal, at any time, from any location at an affordable cost.


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