MTN Business Kenya marks first year in Kenyan market

MTN Business Kenya on October 26 2011 celebrated its first anniversary in the country, touting its video-conferencing solution as being one of its successes.

“While launching this service, our main aim was to create a saving avenue for clients across the country.  So far, clients have benefited immensely from this service, for they have reduced travelling expenses and also individual time,” said Tom Omariba MTN Business Kenya chief executive.

Video conferencing makes communicating at a distance as natural as being in the same room and the service has evolved since its inception as two televisions and cameras connected by a wire from one place to another.

The miniaturization and improvement of existing technologies has led to replacing large televisions and old appliances with wide-screen LCD high-definition and high-tech micro-cameras with better video compression and faster connections to the Internet.

“We are also doing the best they can to ensure that there is safety in the internet all over the country by implementing measures that ensure safety in the internet to avoid internet theft especially online defrauders,” said Omariba.

A video conference session in progress.

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