UNECA and LAR to host local language conference

The  United  Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the Localisation Research  Center  (LRC),  and  the  Center  for the Development of Advanced Computing  (C-DAC)  are set to hold the third Action for Global Information Sharing (AGIS) conference in Addis Ababa from December 1 to 2.

The meeting will bring  together  business  people,  technology experts,  linguists  and  policy  and  decision  makers  in  language  and technology  fields  from  around the world to  discuss  and develop innovative solutions that allow  the  world  in  general  and  Africa  in particular to listen to its diverse voices in their own language.

The meeting, whose theme will be “Promoting Equality through Language and Cultural Diversity,” will address various issues including language and technology policy, language and business opportunities in Africa, human language technologies and language service delivery for development.

The AGIS ’11 will connect Africa’s language industry and policy- and decision-makers with the mainstream localization and translation industry and researchers.

AGIS is an annual global event to promote access to information and knowledge for all and is in recognition of the fact that access to information and knowledge in any language is not just a fundamental human right but a pre-requisite for development, inclusion and economic growth.

the meeting is a follow-up to the AGIS  ’09  (http://www.agis09.org/) held in Limerick,  Ireland  and  AGIS  ’10  (http://www.agis10.org/) in New Delhi, India. AGIS ’11 was  launched in New Delhi, India on 07 December 2010 while AGIS (AGIS ’11) will be hosted by UNECA’s ICT and Science &  Technology Division at  the  United  Nations Conference Centre.

Dr Aida Opoku-Mensah, director of UNEC’s ISTD division and  Reinhard  Schäler  launched  the  AGIS  ’11  in Addis Ababa during UNECA’s second Committee on Development Information, Science and Technology (CODIST  II)  held  in  May  2011  which  was  attended  by  all  African stakeholders.

AGIS’11  calls  on interested contributors to submit proposals on  or  before  30  September  2011  through  the  proposal submission form available  at  www.agis11.org/registration/propose/.

Proposals  will  be evaluated  based  on  the submission of short abstracts (maximum 300 words)
and  selected  speakers  will  be  notified  by  15  October  2011.  Online registration for participation at AGIS ’11 (www.agis11.org/registration) is also open until 18 November 2011.

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