Microsoft to establish software development centre in Maluana Mozambique

Microsoft has announced that it will set up premises in the Science and Technology Park under construction at Maluana, in Maputo province.

Dr Cheick Diarra, Microsoft Africa president made the announcement during a recent visit to Mozambique at the invitation of the country’s science and technology minister, Venancio Massingue.

After his visit to Maluana Park, Dr Diarra said he would personally visit Microsoft’s software learning centre at Maluana three times a year to participate in training staff of Mozambique’s planned Space Agency.

Dr Diarra expressed his satisfaction with the vision of Mozambican government in transforming into reality the dream of building a technology park that will help train up highly skilled staff who can make a major contribution to boosting the national economy.

Venancio Massingue said the government regards Microsoft as a priority partner, adding that there is currently an agreement that allows the Mozambican public sector to access Microsoft products at preferential prices while Microsoft is also providing technological and training support for the government’s

Cheick Diarra Microsoft Africa chairman

Massingue said that after this partnership many other renowned international companies will feel attracted to invest in Mozambique in the same field.

Close links between the government and Microsoft date back to a meeting in Cape Town in 2006 between Mozambique President Armando Guebuza and Microsoft Chairman, Bill Gates. As a result of these ties, a partnership agreement was signed last November, which gives Mozambique access to a package that of 9,500 software license for desktops and web servers of public institutions.

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