IT security to be key topic at 2012 AITEC Banking & Mobile Money Conference

Even as African banks downplay the security threats and intrusions that they experience within their institutions, recent research by consultants like Deloitte’s indicates there is a disturbing escalation of incidents that threaten the stability of the region’s banking system.

To address this trend, which some insiders say is approaching crisis proportions, this year’s sixth annual AITEC Banking & Mobile Money Conference includes a major focus on security, risk management, regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering strategies.

AITEC has secured eight leading international banking security experts to provide the region’s bankers with an unprecedented level of intensive knowledge-sharing over the two days of the conference, from March7-8.

Sean Moroney, AITEC chair, said the line-up of expertise is the culmination of months of research and communication to find the right speakers and trainers to address what many see as  the region’s banking security crisis.

“We have invited experts from the four corners of the world to share their knowledge and experience with bankers from throughout the COMESA region in conference presentations, training workshops and masterclasses – as well as a customised pre-conference course on counter money laundering strategies. We feel this is an important contribution towards securing the region’s banking system and we hope commercial banks, MFI’s and central banks will take advantage of this valuable learning opportunity,” said Moroney.

The security experts include:

Hesham Hamdy

Ø  Hesham Hamdy, Chief Risk Officer at Arab International Bank, Egypt, who will make a keynote presentation on “How to maintain effective risk management in an ever-changing environment”. In addition, he will deliver a compliance training workshop on “Basel II to Basel III: Changes and requirements”.

  • Nigel Morris-Cotterill, head of the Anti Money Laundering Network, who is based in Malaysia, will deliver a keynote presentation on “How to develop effective strategies to counter money laundering”. In addition he will lead a panel discussion among the region’s bankers and regulators on “Financial crime risk management: Aiming for a unified approach”. And over two days before the main conference he will run an intensive training course on counter-money laundering strategies.
  • Dr Almerindo Graziano from the UK, a leading data security expert and CEO of Silensec, a security management consulting and training organisation, will deliver two security training workshops: one on mobile banking security and one on card security standards.
  • Ian Ndlovu, a lecturer in Economics and National Income Accounting at the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe, will speak about his country’s experience with the risks of electronic banking.
  • Petr Teply, Senior Lecturer at Charles University in the Czech Republic, will make a presentation on “Financial innovation under ineffective bank regulation: Lessons from the Euro Zone”.
  • Ø  Stephen Leonard, CEO of Credit Risk Connection in UAE, who has extensive experience of credit risk assessment in Africa, will share his “scoring top tips” with delegates.
  • Patrick Cunningham

    Ø  Patrick Cunningham, Executive Director of the ATM Industry Association South Africa and former head of the South African Fraud Prevention Service, will deliver a Masterclass on ATM security.

  • Dr Matunda Nyanchama, MD of Agano Consulting in Canada, will make a presentation on “Information security governance, risk and compliance for the financial services sector”.

The Central Banks of Uganda and Tanzania are sending senior managers and directors to participate in the deliberations and it is hoped that the conference will significantly advance national and regional measures to combat current security threats to the region’s financial services sector.


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