Reverse calls back in Kenya through YU’s “Pay4me” service

Essar Telecom Kenya’s YU network has began the year on an innovative note by launch of “Pay4me,” a service that lets the recipient be charged for the call received instead of the caller footing the bill.

Through the service, which makes one to recall the days of Telkom Kenya’s (then Kenya Posts Telecommunications Corporation, KPTC) “reverse call,” yuMobile subscribers with low and even zero balances will be able to request for the recipient of their calls to pay for the phone call they are making.

To use the service, called “Pay4me-6565,” YU subscribers have to replace and dial “6565” instead of the “zero” at the beginning of the mobile number they are calling. The recipient then receives a call requesting him or her to pay for the call, after which the call is connected and charged at a rate of Ksh 3 per minute.

What is not clear from the billing though is whether the charges is standard for both on- and off-net calls considering that YU’s on-net calls are currently free while cross-net calls are charged at Ksh 3 per minute.

And again, I strongly doubt many will adopt the service considering that you can “beep” someone who can then call you for less than Kshs 3 depending on the length of the conversation or message being passed and the network.

Other modes of making people to call back on request also exist locally, the most obvious one being Safaricom’s “please call me” through which one dials “*130*07** *** ***#.

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