Airtel Kenya launches new data bundle packages

Airtel Kenya shop: One of the places where subscribers sign up for new data packages.

Airtel Kenya has launched new unlimited data bundles in a bid to offer more value for its customers.

“As we had promised, Airtel will ensure that our customers have access to affordable superior quality communication and service on our network. The launch of the 3.75G platform promises profound changes to how subscribers in the Kenya experience the web on their devices,” said Airtel Kenya chief operating officer Shivan Bhargava in a media release.

The unlimited data bundles are available to all Airtel Kenya customers through their mobile phones or Airtel modems. The packages will give customers a choice of accessing unlimited data for a period of either one day (24 hours), one week (7days) or one month.

To subscribe to the various bundle schemes, customers need to dial *544# to buy the bundles ranging from Kshs 150 per day to Kshs 2,999 per month; contact customer care on 111 or visit any Airtel shop to get connected.

Bhargava added that the unlimited data bundles will enable all Airtel Kenya customers to embrace a highly mobile way of working with high speed access to email and internet and enable large companies to increase productivity through vastly enhanced mobile internet speeds and access to records and also allow for communication via video calls on mobile devices.

The Airtel Kenya unlimited data bundles are as follows:

  • Unlimited 1 day bundle – Kshs 150 ($ 1.8)
  • Unlimited 1 week bundle – Kshs 750 ($ 9)
  • Unlimited 1 month bundle – Kshs 2,999 ($ 36)

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