All #TPF5 housemates given Samsung digital still and video camcorders

The TPF5 Logo: Samsung will provide digital electronics devices developed under its ‘Built For Africa’ conditions to all season five Tusker Project Fame (TPF) contestants, faculty and judges.

As part of its efforts to support environmental conservation and celebrations to mark this year’s World Environment Day, Samsung and East African Breweries have entered into a multimillion sponsorship deal that will propel this year’s Tusker Project Fame 5 to a digital space.

As part of the deal, Samsung will provide digital electronics devices developed under its ‘Built For Africa’ conditions to all season five Tusker Project Fame (TPF) contestants, faculty and judges.

Globally, the World Environment Day is an annual event celebrated on June 5 and aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.

In the strategic partnership, Samsung Electronics will transform TPF 5 to a paperless reality TV production complete with a custom made software application for both the production teams and the viewers.

Tusker Project Fame, East Africa’s first ever locally produced reality show, has been described as a hybrid of voyeuristic Big Brother and musical phenomenon idols, with a thrilling dose of survivor-style voting.

Samsung East Africa business leader, Robert Ngeru, said the firm’s sponsorship has been designed to “ensure full digital interaction using solutions such as Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Smart TV’s with touch screen capabilities to showcase Samsung’s commitment to the ideals of a Green Economy.”

On his part, EABL Group managing director Seni Adetu noted that the deal would deliver a unique experience to this year’s show. “We are constantly on the look-out for ways to bring much more than just world class entertainment to the millions of viewers tuning into Tusker Project Fame. With Samsung coming on board, we are particularly pleased to deliver leading edge technology to the entire pool of contestants and faculty at the Tusker Project Fame Academy,” said Adetu.

As part of the show’s interactivity feature, TPF 5 Faculty, Students and Judges will all receive Galaxy Tabs, Galaxy Pocket phones allowing them to communicate, receive instructions and share responses real time effectively minimising the use of paper scripts. All the contestants will also receive Samsung Digital Still and Video Camcorders to record developments in the TPF house.

During this year’s TPF 5, the faculty team led by Hellen Mtawali will innovatively share and deliver their class assignments and related instructions via Galaxy Tablets. The judges led by Ian Mbugua will also deliver their verdicts through Galaxy tablets providing an easy to audit framework.

Production wise, Digital Still Cameras, Production TV will also interactively communicate and update the presenter scripts real time through the presenters Galaxy Tabs and an Interactive, Touch Screen Smart LED TV on stage. Air Con solutions we also be installed for live shows.

Tusker Project Fame is a reality Music television show in which 15 selected contestants compete by performing on stage to live audiences through an 8 week period. The regional show is broadcast across East Africa with against a talent tapping objective to find aspiring young adults with musical aptitude to sing as well as further develop their musical performance skills.


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