Kenya’s banking sector hosts online meeting for users and CEOs

The Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) has organised an online engagement forum between the public and top minds in the banking sector aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge as part of a wider plan by the industry umbrella body to closely engage stakeholders, who include the banking public.

The forum will host various bank bosses and other industry players tackling various topics related to banking on diverse dates over a period of four weeks. During these sessions, the public will have the opportunity to be part of the conversation through comments and questions which will be responded to by the relevant CEO hosts.

Among the topics to be discussed during these sessions are: ‘interest rates’, ‘building your savings’, ‘good debt versus bad debt’ and ‘SME opportunities and challenges’. Other topics include ‘investment tips’ and ‘how to finance your first home’.

A screenshot of the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) homepage.

While commenting on this development, KBA Chief Executive Officer Habil Olaka said the public should expect more of such forums as the Association works towards closer engagement with the banking stakeholders.

The first event was held on 12 July, featuring KBA Chairman, Richard Etemesi, who discussed the topic of interest rates.

“This has been an extremely interesting and eye opening experience…I do hope to be able to engage in a similar forum soon ,” said Mr. Etemesi after spending approximately 45 minutes chatting with more than 40 online participants.

The next events will be held on Thursday, July 19. At 10:00AM (local time), Martin Oduor, CEO of KCB will discuss the topic of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). While Frank Ireri, CEO of Housing Finance, will discuss the topic of Mortgages and Real Estate Finance at 2:00PM.

“We are excited to be hosting this first-ever online event and it is certainly a departure from the norm, and we hope it signals that banks are open and willing to communicate. I am convinced that the information to be relayed through these conversations is critical in helping Kenyans to make informed banking decisions. We are keen to demystify banking and engage with the public on matters of interest,” said Mr. Olaka.

More than 160 participants are registered for the event, with numbers growing every day.

Interested participants will need to visit the KBA website where they can register for the chat sessions.

KBA was founded on 16 July 1962. To mark its 50th Anniversary, the Association last week launched a new identity and introduced its redefined focus areas, namely policy and research; industry development; public education and social responsibility.





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