Huawei partners with Makerere University to boost IT innovation in Uganda

The group of 10 students selected to come to Huawei Training Centre for a one-week specialized training in ICT in Nairobi.

In an effort to boost Information and Communication Technology in Uganda, China’s Huawei Technologies has partnered with Makerere University to launch a competition that will see local university students develop android software applications aimed at addressing local needs.

Under the Huawei Android Applications Challenge (HAAC) challenge, Makerere, Kyambogo and Kampala International Universities will take part in the competition aimed at supporting creativity and technological innovations that make a difference in the lives of Ugandans.

“We hope that through such initiatives, we can continue tapping and promoting local talents especially in the universities to increase localized content, spur growth and development towards the improvement of ICT in Uganda,” said Huawei Uganda CEO Mr Yang Yang.

Statistics by the ministry of information, communication and technology show that there are about 14 million Ugandans who own at least a mobile phone.

Uganda’s State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Hon. Nyombi Thembo said the country is poised to become an ICT hub following its efforts to allow more of its higher education institutions to engage in such programs through partnership with ICT companies.

“I would like to commend Huawei for this initiative to address the challenge for local content. Majority of Ugandans now have access to the internet, many of whom access the internet through their mobile phone. It is now time to develop services and products to reach these millions of Ugandans through new media,” said Hon Nyombi.

As part of another ICT partnership between Makerere University and the technology giant to boost ICT in the university, the company will send 10 students and tutors for a one week specialized training in ICT at the Huawei Training Center in Nairobi.

The programme will include WCDMARAN System Overview, LTE Systems Overview and Transport Solution Training, IP Network Technologies and service Training and Mobile SoftSwitch Fundamental Training.

Lack of proper training facilities in the ICT sector has been cited as one of the major challenge facing the sector with Uganda’s government being urged to scale up investment in ICT in colleges and schools to address the country’s educational and technology challenges.

However, little has been done to provide ICT students with opportunities and facilities for innovation.  According to ICT experts, Uganda needs to invest heavily in this sector terming it as the strategic drive for addressing increasing challenges facing the education as well as the ICT sector.

Although a remarkable progress has been made in terms of access and expansion of infrastructure for ICT colleges and institutions, the rapid increase in student enrolment has posed a number of challenges because of limited internet facilities, teaching materials and innovation centers. Relevant local content has also posed an enormous challenge.

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