iAfya mobile health app for BlackBerry phones launched in Kenya

Avallain, an online education specialist that uses ICT to impact human development, has announced a new mobile health app for BlackBerry smartphone customers in Kenya.

The iAfya app allows users to quickly and easily find comprehensive and trusted health information and resources at their fingertips from any location, which is ideal for people living and working in remote areas. Well designed, easy-to-use mobile applications therefore have a critical role in extending basic healthcare information to under-served communities.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320: One of the models from which the iAfya can be downloaded for free.

Free to download on the BlackBerry App World storefront, the indispensible iAfya app is available for all BlackBerry smartphones running the BlackBerry 7 OS (or higher), including the BlackBerry Curve 9320 and BlackBerry Curve 9220, which  recently launched in Kenya.

Whether someone is looking up symptoms or first aid tips for a family member, or a healthcare worker researching medical procedures and treatment options on the go, the iAfya mobile app offers quick and reliable answers to everyday health questions. The app also puts customers in direct touch with service providers – from insurance to healthcare professionals.

The app was developed by Avallain to support the iAfya initiative which is contributing to the long-term goals for mobile health services in Kenya.  Avallain designed the iAfya app content according to Kenyan government guidelines to meet the highest quality standards, which are provided by the Ministry of Medical Services and the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation.

“Access to even basic health information can be expensive and complicated for many
people in our society. iAfya provides a platform where people can access health information at their convenience for free,” said Shelmith Mumbi, Avallain’s content manager, adding that “iAfya aims to close the gap between the health workers and the public and improve the level of knowledge for health workers themselves, a critical group for any effort to improve public health.”

Connecting community health workers is important to help improve health care in Kenya. The iAfya app will also enable health workers in the field to access relevant and up to date health information while on the go, and help to improve service delivery.

“As well as connecting the Continent, we see the mobile Internet becoming the key platform for accessing information and services in areas such as education and health. We are pleased to support Avallain to help facilitate access to relevant health information for the people of Kenya and will continue to work with our many partners in the thriving Kenyan mobile development community to support the future of the East African ICT industry,” Waldi Wepener RIM’s regional director for East, West and Central Africa.

The iAfya app is only available for BlackBerry smartphones and is a free download and requires BlackBerry 7 OS or higher versions. For more information or to download, please follow this link.

Avallain is an e-learning and e-publishing company in Switzerland and Kenya that uses ICT in Education to achieve a positive impact on human development.  The focus is on creating solutions that develop the Internet as a tool for inclusion rather than an accelerating agent of the digital divide.


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