StarTimes Media to acquire and re-activate GTV, SmartTV decoders


StarTimes CEO Leo Lee

StarTimes Media has initiated a decoder upgrade offer targeted at not only current StarTimes T1 decoder holders but also ex-GTV and Smart TV decoder holders who were left with obsolete decoders when the two companies closed shop.

The move will see the company upgrade its T1 decoders as well as replace the ex – GTV and Smart TV decoders with Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) approved StarTimes T2 decoders at no cost.

The company is targeting over 50,000 beneficiaries who will only be required to present the set top boxes at StarTimes Customer Service Centre where they will get a free StarTimes T2 decoder in return upon payment of the monthly subscription.

The Pay TV company is currently operating six packages namely; Basic at Ksh 499, Classic or Indian package at Ksh 999; Classic + at Ksh, 1,499, Unique package at Ksh 1,999 and Unique + package at Ksh 2,499 per month.

However, before you get excited, here’s the catch: Beneficiaries of this initiative will be required to subscribe for 2 months for either Unique+, Unique (Kshs 4,000) or Classic+ package at Ksh 4,999, 3,999 and 2,999 respectively. Alternatively, they can opt for three months subscription for Basic +, Classic or Indian package at Ksh 2,999 or 7 months of the Basic package at Ksh 3,499.

“We value our loyal subscribers and intend to recognize this loyalty by upgrading those with T1 decoders with approved StarTimes T2 decoders while at the same time provide an opportunity to former subscribers of the two fallen Pay TV companies to recoup their losses by exchanging  their now obsolete decoders with approved StarTimes T2 decoders thereby enabling them enjoy world class television content, using the latest approved technology at very pocket friendly subscription rates without incurring an extra cost in acquiring a new set top box,” said StarTimes CEO Leo Lee.

Counterfeit or non-registered T1 decoder holders will also benefit from this initiative as StarTimes lives up to its commitment of ensuring the majority if not all households in the country are able to access digital television content thereby playing a pivotal role in the digital migration process being spearheaded by the Government ahead of the global 2015 switchover deadline.

StarTimes is counting on its rich global experience in the Pay TV industry to provide unique programming for the whole family that includes local and international channels. The company has over 8 million global subscribers and is currently operating in ten African countries where it has amassed over 1.4 million subscribers to date.

Founded in 1988 with her headquarter in Beijing, StarTimes is a certified Hi-Tech enterprise with a special honor of being the only certified private enterprise to contract foreign projects in the Radio & TV industry based on its integrative technical strength in analog, IP network and DTV technologies.

In East Africa, StarTimes has digital TV operation in Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and now Kenya. StarTimes also finished its digital migration in the main cities in December 2009. StarTimes intends to gradually build up a wireless digital TV platform based on DVB-T2 technology, which will not only contain colorful international channels, but also will incorporate all the analogue channels currently broadcasted in Kenya.


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