Mi-Fone Review: Mi-W100 Dual SIM device

Mi-Fone, the African mobile devices brand which is focussed on empowering and equiping the mass market with data enabled handsets, has launched a new dual SIM device into the market – the Mi-W100.

The launch of the new device, which retails for Kshs 4,499, follows the opening of the firm’s distribution outlet in Kenya early in the year.

Here’s our independent review of the device:

Mi-W100: The dual SIM device retails Kshs 4,499.

Battery – The device’s battery – Lithium ion 1450 mAh – works for two days at maximum usage without charging until it can be recharged. This is ideal as it means those in areas with no access to the national electricity grid can use the phone for 2 days before worrying about how and where to recharge it.

Camera – The device features a VGA camera which works perfectly but it’s zooming power is however very low. It’s ideal for the device’s target market as well as the price range.

Internet –  The phone comes with Opera Mini browser pre-installed for ease of browsing. It connects well to the internet and is very fast though it is unable to open some pages using the device.

Apps – All the pre-installed applications – G-Sensor; Opera mini; Skype; Google Maps and
Ebuddy – work perfectly but a user cannot download and install any new apps apart from the ones pre-installed.

Bluetooth – Works well though coverage area is very limited.

Radio and other multimedia apps are working well.

Overall, the phone is a good buy considering that it’s dual SIM and it’s price range which makes comparatively cheaper than other genuine dual SIM devices in the matket.

Mi-Fone, , in association with MediaTek is the first African mobile devices brand established to focus on the growing needs of the mass market sector throughout Africa.Mi-Fone services Africa via offices and service centers in Johannesburg, Nairobi and Mauritius . Additional support offices are in Dubai, Hong Kong and China. The team combines over 20 years of telecom experience in markets such as Africa, Middle East and Asia.

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