SkyVision set for further expansion, investment in Africa

SkyVision CEO Mr Ben Sira (left) poses for a photo with other industry leaders at past event.

Israel’s SkyVision Global Networks, a global provider of IP connectivity over satellite and fibre optic systems, has announced plans to expanding its local presence across Africa.

SkyVision CEO Ben Sira stated in media release: “It was clear from day one that if SkyVision was to enhance its market leadership in Africa, the company would have to expand its strong and reliable local presence. I am proud to say that we have made a major leap in this direction over the past year and will continue to do so moving forward into 2013.”

One of the steps taken to make this happen was to establish a local office and teleport in South Africa, a prime tactical position to respond to South African businesses requiring high quality communication services over fibre, wireless and satellite to Africa and from Africa.

The new office complement SkyVision’s new iDirect hub in Johannesburg which supports the latest iDX 3.1 iDirect release, and takes full advantage of the Amos 5 satellite with its broad coverage of southern and sub-Saharan Africa both on C Band and Ku Band.

SkyVision has also recently initiated a major expansion into Western Africa with the acquisition of Afinis to ensure the effective delivery of comprehensive services to new and expanding markets in Francophone Africa. Afinis is currently seamlessly integrating into SkyVision’s corporate identity in terms of services provided, overall coverage, local presence, and the professional quality of the staff. SkyVision is also leveraging Afinis’ extensive knowledge in corporate market segments, particularly in Oil & Gas, mining and financial services.

In order to support the company’s global reach and local presence approach, SkyVision established VSAT hubs in Nigeria, DRC, Kenya and Zimbabwe. These hubs provide reliable VPN connectivity used by a variety of private companies and government entities to extend their services to areas which are not reached by terrestrial means. The services allow remote communities in Africa to benefit from modern services provided through modern ICT solutions.

SkyVision is able to provide its customers with reliable satellite communication services through utilization of 13 different satellites, and multiple teleports in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Africa.

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