Family Bank joins PesaPoint ATM network countrywide


Bernard Matthewman (right), CEO, Paynet Group (which operates PesaPoint), exchanges documents with Family bank rep during the signing of the deal.
Bernard Matthewman (right), CEO, Paynet Group (which operates PesaPoint), exchanges documents with his Family bank counterpart, Peter Munyiri, during the signing of the deal.

PesaPoint has announced that Family Bank’s services have gone live across its over 1000 ATMs and agent banking outlets across the country, a move that now enables the bank’s customers to access their cash at the over 1,000 PesaPoint ATMs and agents countrywide.


PesaPoint also announced that Family Bank’s own ATMs had been opened up for sharing and for use by all PesaPoint partner bank customers, following completion of a project to hook the bank onto the new PesaPoint Interconnect engine. This development also now opens the bank’s infrastructure for use by any cardholder in Kenya, a move that will boost the bank’s non-interest revenue.

“I am delighted to announce that we at Family Bank have successfully opened up our ATMs for use by all cardholders in Kenya through the PesaPoint Interconnect engine,” said CEO, Peter Munyiri. “Customers from other banks will be able to use our ATMs while our customers can also access services at all PesaPoint ATMs, PesaPoint Agents countrywide and at all other ATMs belonging to banks that have a ‘PesaPoint available here’ logo on them,” he added.  Family Bank’s 120 ATMS will also be available to serve cardholders from all 30 PesaPoint partner banks.

Bernard Matthewman, CEO of PayNet Group – which operates the PesaPoint ATMs – said that the move “will contribute to further growth of the bank’s non-interest revenue.”

The PesaPoint network will further give the shared ATMs power to perform Mobile Money ATM Withdrawal transactions for M-PESA customers through agent number 555 555.

Other banks on PesaPoint network are KCB, DTB, NIC and CfC Stanbic.

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