The internet domains we may see by end of 2013…

icann logoThe global body in charge of internet ICANN is set to introduce new internet as part of a process called New gTLD program which will increase the number of domains from the common “.com” , “.net” , “biz” to more interesting ones like “.music” and “.makeup” just to name a few.

AptanTech decided to analyse the status of the program and now brings you a list of selected domain names that we may have as early as end of 2013 or early next year. Check below:

1. Dot Africa (.africa) – The continental top level domain (TLD) has attracted applications from two organizations. These are DotConnectAfrica (DCA) which has offices in Kenya and Mauritius and South Africa’s UniForum SA . Initially, DCA’s application had an error having been recorded as .dotafrica  because of a technicality but this now been resolved after its change request – explained in this ITWEB article – was accepted by ICANN. This means that the two bodies are in contention for the continental domain.

2. Dot Africa Magic (.africamagic) – This domain has been applied for by South Africa’s Electronic Media Network Limited (M-Net).

3. Dot Aga Khan (.agakhan) – This domain would be interesting and could soon entrench the Aga Khan identity beyond the physical to the virtual space as the Aga Khan network is known for various investments and developments in the continent. The application for the domain was submitted by Fondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation).

4. Dot AKDN (.akdn) – The Fondation Aga Khan (Aga Khan Foundation) has also applied for AKDN which’s an acronym for Aga Khan Development Network. Details about the application can be found here.

5. Dot ANDROID (.android) – The Google-developed android operating system will also have its independent domain after an application submitted to ICANN by Charleston Road Registry Inc. of US.

6. Dot APP (.app) – The short form for application is another domain that has received a considerable amount of interest as it being sought by a total of 13 applicants – some of who are US’s Lone Maple, LLC  ; Ireland’s Afilias Limited; UAE’s Webera Inc.; and Gibraltar’s dot App Limited among others.

7. Dot ARAB (.arab) – The League of Arab States  – with head offices in Cairo, Egypt – has placed an application which if approved could see them have their distinct online identity for Arab peninsular.

8. Dot BABY (.baby) – This seems to be another favourite as it has received six applicants from organizations who want to be mandated to manage it among this being Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. which is known for its expansive range of baby-care products.

9. Dot BAIDU (.baidu) – China’s web search engine BAIDU could also have its own independent domain after it submitted an application for it.

10. Dot BANANAREPUBLIC (.bananarepublic) – This is probably among the most interesting applications and has been submitted by California’s The Gap, Inc. . Why anyone would bother to be delegated such a domain still beats me though as the name itself refers to a politically unstable country whose economy is largely dependent on the export of a single limited-resource product and governed by a dictator, according to Wikipedia.

11. Dot BANK (.bank) – The continent’s as well as global banking institutions will also have the option of having their own online identity with the “.bank” domain which has been applied for by US’s fTLD Registry Services LLC and UAE’s Dotsecure Inc.

Other domains which have been applied for include Dot BEER (.beer) by Top Level Domain Holdings Limited ; Dot BIBLE by American Bible Society while Microsoft has also submitted an application for Dot BING (.bing).

And let me end this post by noting – for the benefit of other bloggers out their – that the domain Dot BLOG (.blog) is being sought by a total of 9 applicants, among these being Afilias Domains No. 1 Limited.

The complete list of applications can be viewed here. There were a total of 1917 applications; 13 withdrawals. Interesting to note is that is that only 17 gTLD applications came from Africa!!!


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