WipeOut Mobile: Phone users have a new app to back-up, restore and secure crucial data

 A new mobile application, WipeOut Mobile, has been launched in Kenya. The software will allow users to wipe out or to retrieve important business contacts and text messages in the event their phones are destroyed or lost.

WipeOut mobile application, developed at a cost of Kshs 2 million, also enables phone users to remotely delete confidential information from lost phones.

“When you lose your phone and your Phonebook Contacts and Text Messages go with it. The first thing to do is panic, right? Wrong!! WipeOut users don’t lose their Contacts and Text Messages due to uncertain events. Restoring contacts and texts backed up by WipeOut is a breeze, restore on your existing device or on a new device and its’ as if they never went anywhere,” said Hussein Ramji of WipeOut Mobile.

It will cost mobile users Kshs 100 per year to backup and restore data; Kshs 500 to wipeout confidential information and Kshs 650 to backup, restore and wipe out data.

The back-up feature saves SMS and phone entries to a secure encrypted online server- that when accidentally deleted, a phone is lost, or even destroyed, one is able to restore those text messages and phone book contacts to a new or existing phone.

It will also give registered users an option to view their backed up contacts and SMS online at anytime. With the WipeOut’s automatic backups you can be assured that you’ll always have an extra copy online.

The data restore feature allows WipeOut users to restore contacts and text messages on existing or new devices in the event they are lost due to uncertain events.

With the mobile application, one can also access backed up contacts and texts at anytime online on the WipeOut website.

In the event a phone is lost, the WipeOut feature will allow users to prevent confidential information from getting into the wrong hands by remotely deleting data from the phone by accessing the WipeOut website from any web browser.

“We at WipeOut Mobile appreciate that the phone holds a lot of confidential information? Could be bank details, company secrets, personal secrets (hey, we don’t judge), whatever it is, we know you wouldn’t want this information in the hands of strangers,” says Mr. Ramji.

Other SIM/mobile phone back-up services include Safaricom Back-up service called “Okoa SIM” which charges users Kshs 25 per retrieval and costs Kshs 1 for 7 days; M-Wingu developed at a cost Kshs 5 million and which now has a subscriber base of over 3, 000; 6ix Degrees as well as Bitz IT Consulting’s Maisha Poa app.

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