“Haki: Chaguo Ni Lako” mobile app launched to foster peace ahead of Kenya’s elections

haki2_website_thumbnailAfroes has launched its Haki: Chaguo Ni Lako mobile phone game at the just-ended Mobile Web East Africa 2013 conference in Nairobi.

Haki: Chaguo Ni Lako or Justice: The Choice is Yours, is a mobile phone game designed in conjunction with the Tuvuke Initiative for Peace to inspire commitment to peace and tolerance amongst youthful Kenyans who play the game.

The HAKI: Chaguo Ni Lako is designed to inspire the users through critical information placed in a fun way on a mobile phone, encouraging dialogue and contemplation about the contentious issues on forms of leadership; the rights and responsibilities of Kenyan citizens; access to and distribution of productive resources;and of livelihoods. It challenges the user to reflect on the choices they make and the consequences of such choices on peace in Kenya.

The campaign will be focused on ensuring that millions of young Kenyans (between 18 and 35) are encouraged to make a commitment to peace and tolerance and also raise their hands to the Tuvuke slogan NIMEJIANDIKISHA!

The game is available on both Java and Android platforms enabling users with low-end feature phones and smart phones alike to access the game for free. The game will be available here.

Afroes is a digital content development enterprise committed to designing and delivering gamified mobile applications to inform, educate and inspire Kenyan youth.

The Tuvuke Initiative for Peaceful and Fair Electoral process is a country-wide movement anchored in the desire for Kenya to maintain peace, cohesiveness and tolerance during the upcoming elections.

Mobile Web East Africa is a mobile focussed conference in East Africa. The third edition of the event took place at the Southern Sun Mayfair from February 19 to 21 and brought together over 140 mobile apps developers and other players in the mobile space.

The event featured local and international speakers including Safaricom, iHub Research, Buni TV, yuMobile, Praekelt Foundation, OgilvyOne, Nation Media Group, East African Breweries, biNu, FrontlineSMS, and Airtel.

Afroes creates uniquely African mobile applications and tools for social development agencies and corporate enterprises keen to spread educational and branded messages across the continent. It aims to inspire the conversations and choices of young Africans through branded digital media and socially responsible campaigns rooted in the African content.

To ensure the widest possible reach among young people, including those at the bottom-of-the-pyramid, Afroes is leveraging the rapid growth of mobile in Africa, which represents an unprecedented opportunity to deliver branded and educational messages directly and repeatedly into the hands and pockets of potential customers and citizens across the continent and beyond.

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