Here are some health risks of cell phone usage

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Individuals of all age groups and different walks of life around the world use cell phones these days. Cell phones have revolutionized the way of communication with text messages, voice mails and video calling. People are hooked to their mobiles like never before. Advances in mobile technology also kindle this craze. New mobiles come up with variety of features and capabilities every day, which incite more and more individuals to own cell phones.

Cell phones offer many conveniences, but their  benefits do have many consequences also. Many studies reveal that using cell phones can cause several health problems. Unmindful of the ill effects, people use mobiles excessively and their obsession only seems to grow as the years go by. It has become highly difficult for individuals to do without their mobiles – the devices have become a part of life.

Cell phones consist of many toxins that are harmful to human health. Electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices is even more dangerous. Children especially have greater risk of developing serious problems, as they have younger brains and thinner skulls. Even the environment is affected due to the toxins, which are present in discarded mobiles.

The infographic below, developed by India’s MobilePhone presents interesting statistics about cell phone usage and the health risks associated with it.

Health Risks of Cell Phone Usage

Health Risks of Cell Phone Usage
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