Huawei wins Informa’s “Cloud Africa World Forum 2013” Award

HUAWEI execs pose for a photo with the award.
HUAWEI execs pose for a photo with the award.

Huawei has received the Informa Cloud Africa World Forum award at the end of the first day of the Cloud Africa Conference being held in Sandton, Johannesburg under the theme Embracing Carrier IT Transformation towards ICT Convergence.

Other participants included IBM, Safaricom Business, Intel, HP, ASG, Pamoja, Parallels, among others.

At a workshop held during the conference, Huawei  showcased their latest High-End server/storage/Private Cloud/Public Cloud products which included:-

HUAWEI’s Universal Distributed Storage (UDS) system- a storage system that employs an innovative architecture, and is designed to provide a reliable, scalable and cost-efficient massive storage solution for customers.

Huawei’s E9000 converged infrastructure- a high-performance and high-reliability service platform for telecommunications services and telecommunications equipment rooms.

HUAWEI’s OceanStor HVS enterprise-level storage system which is a storage system that provides a solid foundation for telecommunications service platforms for Enterprise customers.

HUAWEI’s FusionSphere Cloud OS which enables flexible computing/storage/network resource provisioning and management, and lays a solid foundation for private cloud & public cloud.

HUAWEI’s Cloud Service Brokerage which can help Telco’s to aggregate abundant ISV public cloud services (IaaS/SaaS) into a unified provisioning & management platform accessible by end-users.

As a global supplier of telecom equipment solutions, Huawei works with its partners to provide end-to-end cloud computing solution capabilities with the goal of fulfilling the cloud computing needs of its users in the IT and CT sectors.

Huawei provides infrastructure for establishing a solution platform including computing, storage, networks, platform software, engineering design and infrastructure as well as providing Cloud application solutions for converting traditional telecom and industry services into cloud services. Some of the applications showcased have been deployed in Ethiopia, South Africa, and Kenya among other countries in Africa.

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