Huawei E5372 LTE Mobile WiFi – The world’s smallest LTE Mobile WiFi device

huawei logoHuawei recently announced the launch of the new E5372 LTE Category 4 Mobile WiFi device, supporting WiFi and operating at a 5GHz frequency. At only 99mm x 62.2mm x 14.4mm, the E5372 is the world’s smallest and most compact LTE Cat4 mobile WiFi, providing the user the freedom of unsurpassed mobility and connectivity.

According to a release issued on the Huawei website, the E5372 Mobile WiFi device has outstanding LTE network download speeds of up to 150Mbps, a battery life of up to 6 hours and can simultaneously support the connection of 11 devices with WiFi access to an LTE network.

“The new HUAWEI E5372 reinforces Huawei’s position as a global LTE industry leader and joins its portfolio of world-class products, as the world’s smallest LTE Cat4 mobile WiFi device The E5372 is further evidence of Huawei’s continued commitment to the research and development of LTE technology and its global commercialization,” said Wu Shimin, President of the Mobile Broadband Product Line, Huawei Device.

The Huawei LTE Mobile WiFi device
The Huawei LTE Mobile WiFi device

 With a streamlined design featuring smooth curves and weighing only 130g, the E5372 is easily portable for on-the-go use. It allows users to enjoy faster video streaming and connectivity of up to 11 users simultaneously, with an increased dynamic range of up to 100 meters. The E5372 helps save on network traffic fees with the auto offload function, which can switch to a secure WiFi connection as soon as one becomes available. The device also features a double external antenna interface for an improved wireless experience even in areas with poor signal.

With the E5372’s updated Mobile Control 2.0 function, you can monitor, access, and alter usage and preference settings remotely via handset or tablet. The device also includes an inbuilt SMS function and a secure digital (SD) share function to share pictures, documents, music, and video files from SD cards via WiFi connection.

Switched on in under five-seconds and powered by a robust 1780mAh battery, the E5372 boasts increased mobility and independency one can enjoy uninterrupted use even when no power outlet is available. To ensure that the users’ mobile devices are always powered, the E5372 also features a backup battery and charging functionality, allowing one the freedom of recharging his/her handset or tablet on the go. With power optimization from Collaborative Power Control (CPC), Connected Discontinuous Reception (CDRX), and Average Power Tracking (APT) technology, the E5372 reduces energy consumption by 30%.

The E5372 comes in white and is currently available in Italy and Saudi Arabia with additional information on local market availability – including Africa – expected to follow in the coming months.


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