Kenya ICT Board slowly re-branding to Kenya ICT Authority

ICT BoardtoICT Authority





A Google search of the “Kenya ICT Board” now leads one to “Kenya ICT Authority” but the internet domain is still the same, that is

We say “slowly re-branding” because essentially, it’s only the ICT Board’s previous logo that has so far been replaced by the ICT Authority’s logo on the website but the content on the page still belongs to the former body.

A Twitter search of “Kenya ICT Board” doesn’t return any results as the handle has been renamed “Kenya ICT Authority’s” handle.

But on Facebook, however, both the ICT Board and the ICT Authority still maintain separate pages. A closer scrutiny might however lead one to conclude that ICT Board’s page – with 1,665 “likes” – was the first to be created while ICT Authority’s – whose current “likes” stand at 403 – has not been there for long.

It seems that the 2 separate pages will soon be merged. On Thursday August 27, the Kenya ICT Board wrote on its Facebook page:

Like our new page ‘The ICT Authority” and get Updated on upcoming events. Thank you for keeping loyal to us.

This was the last update on the Kenya ICT Board’s page. From then on, most updates have been through the Kenya ICT Authority’s Facebook page.

The re-branding of the former ICT Board’s website into ICT Authority also means that the government, through the newly-created Ministry of ICT, has decided to adopt the ICT Board’s online infrastructure for the 3 merged government bodies – Government IT Services (GITS);  Directorate of e-Government and the Kenya ICT Board.

A few weeks ago, the ICT Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i stated via KICTAnet that: “The gazette notice to fully establish the ICT Authority having been signed by the President, ICTA is now a reality and this brings together all of which was formerly the Directorate of e-government, Government IT Services (or GITS) and the Kenya ICT Board.”

“We have embarked on the immediate steps of institutionalizing ICTA including putting up a board for the same – which I hope we will do by end of the month (August) and identifying the men and women who will help manage the Authority in its first transitional and formation days,” stated Dr Matiang’i via KICTanet.

The Directorate of e-Government overall mandate was to To design, implement and sustain an integrated e-Government infrastructure and services for the prosperity of Kenyans while the GITS is currently domiciled at the Treasury and performs various functions including developing and implementing an appropriate ICT policy for the public sector; advising the government on matters related to ICT; networking and spearheading the equipping of the entire public sector with appropriate ICT facilities as well as providing the necessary ICT interface between the public sector and stakeholders. Its other functions are to offer technical advice on the procurement of ICT equipment; update ICT in government so as to keep pace with technology developments and ensure optimal operation and use of ICT through training and other capacity building interventions.

The Kenya ICT Board, on the other hand, had four main mandates the main one being to position and promote Kenya as an ICT destination (locally and internationally), especially promoting Business process Outsourcing (BPO) and Offshoring.


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