Panasonic targets Kenya’s home and SME market with fixed wireless phones

The Panasonic KX-TW501, one of the Fixed Wireless Phone models.
The Panasonic KX-TW501, one of the Fixed Wireless Phone models.

After along lull, Panasonic has finally woken up and renewed its focus on the Kenya market by unveiling various products. Recently, the firm showcased its full-range of B2B and B2G solutions in Nairobi as part of its System Solutions Exhibition in Africa.

Among the products exhibited was the Panasonic Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) which aims to enable communication from home and offices at a reasonable cost to users. The product is designed for home or office use – like PSTN telephone devices – and can be operated either via mobile phone operator’s network or be integrated with “Home Zone Service” or “Office Zone Service” contract to get subscribers a reasonable phone tariff.

The “Home Zone Service” offers a solution to use mobile phone for “Home Use” at reasonable cost, and demands the end users to change land line to FWP. The FWP – which is ideal for other part of Africa as well – features special tariff rates at registered area, lower monthly tariff and flat rate and already works on various networks.

Among the FWP models is the KX-TW501 whose features include Phone Book with SIM Phone Book Import, Multi Handset Capability (up to 6 handsets), hands-free speakerphone, SMS, voice mail as well as free Base Unit for enhanced GSM reception.

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