Team ChronicMonks wins Intel gaming competition

ChronicMonks in the zone at the Intel Gaming Challenge at iHub.
ChronicMonks in the zone at the Intel Gaming Challenge at iHub.

Team ChronicMonks emerged winners of Intel’s gaming competition dubbed Intel Gaming Challenge held over the weekend at the iHub.

For their efforts, each of Team ChronicMonks members were presented with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-inch and 5 Asus Fonepad Tablets.

The event, the first ever competitive e-sport gaming experience in Kenya, also offered free training for developers interested in creating gaming applications. The training aimed at offering specialized opportunities to developers in the digital animation and gaming communities in Kenya.

It also allowed developers to get free access to Havoc SDK gaming software which would normally cost US $ 5000 annually.

Some of the games that were featured were Ma3racer, League of Legends, African Legends, Asphalt 7 heat, Kung Pow Kevin, Real football 2013, Minecaft and Acid rain.

Speaking during the launch Agatha Gikunda, Intel Software Services Group Lead said:  “Anyone can learn how to code but developing games is extremely difficult and what we are offering them is not only training but access to Havoc SDK which would normally cost them $5000 annually.”

Through this training, Intel will also equip developers with the skills to be able to develop games across really advanced and technical platforms like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which have also driven up the cost of developing games compared to the type of platforms we had five years ago.

She added:  “The cost of developing games has increased dramatically the world over. The gaming industry has changed drastically, with the costs ranging from US $ 30 to 40 million, up from two to five million dollars 2 years ago. Consumers today expect a compelling story and a captivating video experience both which require a lot more thought, expertise and advanced technical requirements. This is obviously what has increased the cost.”

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