Phone insurance a necessity in the phase of rampant device theft

theftAbout US $7 million worth of smartphones are lost daily in the U.S. Though the numbers wouldn’t be as staggering in the Kenyan context were a survey to be conducted, the reality would still be appalling.

Besides the smartphones that fall under the dubious embrace of street urchins in Nairobi’s Central Business District, the rising number of PSV carjacking means mobile insurance is something one should consider after acquiring a pricey high-end smartphone.

Chances are that you never leave the house without your phone, and if you do, you feel as if there is an integral part of you missing. Owing to the fact the phone is the one gadget you carry constantly, the likelihood of you losing or damaging the device is high.

“If you depend on your cell phone and you know you would need a prompt replacement in case of damage or theft, then Orient Mobile is an insurance cover definitely worth considering” says Muema Muindi, MD, Kenya Orient Insurance.

Telephones have evolved from the yesteryear gadgets that were connected to walls. Even cordless phones were easier to locate because they were rarely taken out of range of the base. In the new of smartphones, a phone can be misplaced anywhere we go because they accompany us everywhere we go.

Cracked smartphone screens and phones being yanked from windows of moving vehicles are a common sight. Mobile phones are extremely portable and easily resold. These characteristics make them ideal targets for criminals, and those who carry smartphones ideal targets for robbers.

Mobile phone insurance is meant to step in when you are a victim of phone crisis through left or damage.  But like any other form of insurance, it will cost you. Many consumers avoid the extra monthly premiums that insurance will add to their bills, and hope that they don’t become a part of the statistics.

But if your smartphone is stolen, your concern could be much more than simply having to replace your handset. Not only are many smartphones worth thousands of shillings, but thieves can quickly rack up huge bills on stolen smartphones.

You may be liable for all charges accumulated on your phone before blocking it with your provider. This is usually set out in the terms and conditions of your contract. It is therefore imperative that one contacts their provider soonest to avert bills from unauthorized use.

A nicked cell phone is more than just the absence of the treasured gadget. It’s also means the loss of critical data and the possible identity theft. “We cover accidental damage e.g. damage caused by dropping the phone/ tablet, malicious damage i.e. vandalism and liquid damage,” says Mr Muindi.

“Some smartphone owners are very cognizant of the peace of mind and serenity of extra security that this Orinet mobile insurance brings,” says James Maina, a mobile phones vendor. “Additionally, some customers are much more accident-prone and seem to drop their phones frequently. For them, insurance scheme is really worth the extra money.”

Mr Muindi explains that unlike other insurance products, mobile phone cover doesn’t depend on one’s gender, job, what you earn or other standard risks and registering a Claim online is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. “All you need is the ID that you used to register for your Kenya Orient  Policy. We however only insure selected models and only mobile phones that can access the internet.”

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