Axios Systems: Here are the top 3 trends for IT Service Management in 2016

CDelivering customer satisfaction will be a fundamental priority across the IT industry in 2016, according to the results of international research conducted by IT Service Management (ITSM) leader Axios Systems.

Sharing their views on the industry’s top opportunities, participating senior IT leaders from 16 countries said that the top IT opportunities of 2016 are:

1.    Process optimization (26% of respondents)
2.    Service Catalog / self-service (19% of respondents)
3.    Aligning IT with business needs (15% of respondents)

Delivering on these priorities can help minimize business costs and create new efficiencies. By focusing on improving processes, or helping business users resolve issues more quickly via a Service Catalog or self-service functionality, IT creates an increasingly positive customer experience.

When IT aligns its objectives with the long-term goals of the wider business, a new level of customer satisfaction can be achieved with key stakeholders and all end users.

The top three opportunities highlight the ultimate challenge for IT departments in 2016: IT leaders must become catalysts for positive organizational change by enabling new services that are closely aligned to the organization’s strategy. This approach will lead to significant increases in user satisfaction.

Tasos Symeonides, CEO of Axios Systems, said: “The new year is an ideal time for CIOs and other IT leaders to review organizational priorities and challenges. We’re committed to supporting these leaders with timely and relevant research designed to help strengthen their organizational IT maturity, which translates into a greater opportunity to secure competitive advantage by becoming more efficient and cost-effective.”

“We’re not just talking about IT, but each and every department engaged in service delivery, be it HR, Finance, Procurement, etc. This guidance is part of our dedication to developing great service management in virtually every industry and sector around the world.”

A complimentary copy of your guide to optimizing IT Service Management in 2016 is available here.

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