Celebrate World Thesaurus Day by downloading Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus app

CToday – Monday January 18 – is World Thesaurus Day. English has thousands of synonyms, but no two words have exactly the same meaning. That makes finding the right word to say what you really mean challenging for learners of the language. It’s probably one of the reasons why the same words – like nice and interesting – get used again and again.

With the help of the Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus, learners of English will understand the differences between similar words in written and spoken English, enabling them to enrich their vocabulary and find the right words to say exactly what they mean.

This year, you can celebrate World Thesaurus Day by downloading 100 entries from the Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus for free before buying the full dictionary with 17,000 synonyms and opposites as an in-app purchase. The full app is available at up to 40% off on 18 January only.

The full Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus app includes: clear explanations of over 17,000 synonyms and opposites; usage notes to identify the exact difference between similar words; guidance on which words are used most frequently and help with choosing the right words for the context: formal/informal, written/spoken, approving/disapproving.

The app also helps you hear the words and their synonyms spoken by real British and American voices as well as 30 useful topic word lists which users can add to or edit.

The app will give you 100 sample entries from the dictionary. An in-app purchase is required to activate the full dictionary. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

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