Finnish eaplugs maker QuietOn seeks to raise $ 50,000 via Indiegogo

CFinland-based QuietOn, which operates from the city of Oulu in Northern Finland (known commonly as Finland’s Silicon Valley), is targeting the global market with their unique electronic earplugs that utilize active noise cancellation technology as well as passive acoustic attenuation.

The firm has launched an online fundraising campaign via Indiegogo in its efforts with a target set at US $ 50,000. Already, the campaign has attracted pledges worth over US $ 25,000 with more than a month still left to the end of the campaign.  The crowdfunding campaign began on Wednesday January 13, 2016.

The greatest benefit of the QuietOn earplug’s active noise cancelling technology is that it is able to reduce the low frequency sounds that ordinary passive earplugs are not able to address.

“Our earplugs are particularly useful while sleeping, traveling, or working in open plan offices and other noisy environments, such as in factories. QuietOn earplugs will help you relax and focus when in a noisy, stressful environment” says QuietOn’s inventor Janne Kyllönen.

The earplugs are cordless and, when stored in their small carry case, can easily be carried in a pocket and recharged from a standard USB charger. “The starting point has been that even if our device is small, its performance must be on the same level as the best products on the market.

In addition, we aimed for as long use time as possible, and have achieved 50 hours of operation time between charges” Kyllönen says.

QuietOn has now completed product development on the first prototypes of their product, which have been extensively tested. The testimonials received from pilot users have been very positive and the company plans to start mass production in Europe in the spring.

“We hope that our product will be well received. Other Oulu, Finland developed products such as the Oura Ring and the Asmo charger have had successful funding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, highlighting that with a good product, a start up can find customers globally. We’re pressing forwards with positive energy” says Kyllönen confidently.

QuietOn Ltd is a technology company, established in April 2015. It develops and produces own electronic earplugs that utilize active noise cancellation technology. QuietOn employs 10 persons at the moment. The personnel have a strong working history at Nokia.

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