myFC to showcase its JAQ portable mobile chargers at MWC 2016

myFC, vendor of the JAQ portable, eco-friendly fuel cell mobile device chargers, is set to showcase its solutions at MWC 2016. The JAQ chargers, which self-generate electricity with recyclable water and salt-based PowerCards, will be on display and available for tech enthusiasts to see, touch, and charge for the first time in Europe.

The ultra-portable new JAQ charger provides green electricity in a stylish and slim form factor designed by New York-based design agency, Aruliden. The charger does not need a wall jack to plug-in and charge. Rather, JAQ creates its own electricity with a slim, recyclable single-use PowerCard comprised of water and salt. When inserted into the charger, the PowerCard triggers a safe chemical reaction that produces hydrogen, which then provides instant power to any USB compliant smartphone, tablet and other devices.

JAQ will be available in three colors – white, black and purple, with more colours planned in future.
The chargers are USB compliant and compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Windows smartphone, tablets, and USB 5V devices.

They are currently available for pre-order online.

The launch of the portable chargers comes at time when the number of connected mobile devices is recording a steady rise globally, reaching 7.2 billion and surpassing the world’s population. With constant connectivity as an essential tool in people’s lives, myFC is providing the reliability to stay fully charged to correspond with the “always on, always connected” lifestyle.

“We are dedicated to advancing and adapting fuel cell technology to meet the worldwide demand for non-wall jack chargers,” said Björn Westerholm, CEO, myFC. “We are providing portable environmentally-friendly power in the smallest form factor to enable our customers to stay reliably charged, with instant charging and without relying on a wall jack. MWC showcases the best of green technology, not only in innovative products but in production assembly processes as well. We look forward to showcasing JAQ to the thousands of tech enthusiasts attending the show.”

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