New Microsoft-backed portal to bridge gap between fintechs, banks and insurance firms

CEfma, Microsoft and Avanade have partnered with various several financial institutions to launch a new Fintech portal to connect the rapidly expanding fintech community with global retail banks and insurance firms.

For the very first time, the portal will create a worldwide platform to bridge the gap between fintechs, banks and insurance companies. “The aim is to provide a unique portal that enables the fintech offer to meet the financial institutions’ demands,” said Vincent Bastid, Efma CEO.

As of today, fintech companies can use a free form to create an account on the portal and submit their solutions, to boost their profile, showcase their capabilities, and network with more than 3,300 Efma member financial institutions in 130 countries.

“Avanade are delighted to partner with Efma and Microsoft on this new initiative designed to help banks and insurers discover the best fintech partners to support them on their journeys to become true digital businesses,” said ViolettaSenda, Avanade Europe digital strategy lead. “This unique forum for networking and collaboration will enable financial services institutions to adopt best-in-class fintech solutions to transform their business, strengthen customer relationships, and empower employees.”

“The connected economy, global digitization, and unprecedented changes to the financial services business model are transforming the way businesses innovate. Microsoft and its partners are empowering financial institutions to thrive in the digital age, and we are proud to be working with Efma and Avanade to support this initiative and connect the rapidly expanding fintech community with retail banks and insurance firms globally.” Said Patrice Amann, EMEA Financial Services Director, Microsoft. 

A jury comprised of 50 banking and insurance executives will select nine of the best-in-class fintech solutions from across the world to receive the Efma Fintech Award. The winners in each category will receive awards from Santander, BNP Paribas, Intesa Sanpaolo, Caixa Bank and other world leading financial institutions that are active in the fintech space. This ceremony will take place during the Efma Distribution Summit Gala on 14 April 2016.

Efma, Microsoft and Avanade will also introduce the Fintech Portal to the financial services industry at the Distribution Summit Gala, highlighting how it offers a huge repository of fintech data profiles, solutions and capabilities. For the very first time, the 3,300 Efma members, including the world’s largest financial institutions, will be able to submit their technology solution requirements and be presented with fintech recommendations directly from the portal. 

Efma is a global non-profit organisation, established in 1971 by banks and insurance companies, Efma facilitates networking between decision-makers. It provides quality insights to help banks and insurance companies make the right decisions to foster innovation and drive their transformation. Over 3,300 brands in 130 countries are Efma members.

Avanade leads in providing innovative digital services, business solutions and design-led experiences for its clients, delivered through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem.

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