Drone Volt launches surveillance drones capable of several days of autonomy

Drone Volt, French leader in professional drones, has made a technological advancement with its original professional drone Z18 UF (Unlimited Flight), capable of continuous surveillance of areas and events where security is a priority: Industrial sites with sensible infrastructures, road networks, rescue and search operations, support after natural disasters and crowded gatherings among other areas.

This innovative model was unveiled for the first time at Drone Volt’s booth at the Nuremberg IWA (Germany) which runs from March 4 – 7, 2016.

The launch comes at a time when the surveillance drones market is projected for growth in the coming years, reaching € 193 million by 2020, according to a study carried out by En Toute Sécurité in partnership with the FPDC (Professional Federation of Civil Drones – France).

To respond to the increasing demand for surveillance drones with elaborate features, the R&D team at Drone Volt has come up with a surveillance solution – the Z18 UF, which is a wired drone with capability to fly over a number of days.

The Z18 UF, an actual autonomous monitoring station is a wired drone capable of 24-hour stationary flight, ensuring safe, non-stop aerial surveillance. Equipped with a powerful x18 zoom camera, it’s connected to a supply station on the ground specifically designed for this captive drone. A patented smart fastening system allows operations to be carried out safely. This device, adjustable in height up to 40 meters, offers multiple options of close range shooting at 360° transmitted at high-speed and in real time thanks to its own radio connection.

The quick set up time, of just over 10 minutes, allows for an almost immediate deployment on site of this mobile monitoring device.

The Z18 UF drone offers a wide range of applications. These include inspection and surveillance of sites (such as communication towers and antennas, oil refineries and drilling platforms, airports, wind energy stations, bridges and dams, energy plants etc), it is also recommended to support civil defense operations (rescue or searches, assistance with emergencies after natural disasters, fire services, monitoring of borders, crowd surveillance and monitoring of demonstrations and gatherings) and can be used in road safety (by monitoring traffic, analyzing traffic jams and accidents and so on).

“Surveillance is one of the main areas of expertise at Drone Volt. With the Z18 UF we have developed an efficient surveillance solution with the usage of cameras. This drone can carry an observation camera up to 40 meters, whatever the surrounding infrastructures might be”, explains Dimitri Batsis, Chairman of Drone Volt.

Founded in 2011, Drone Volt – with operations in France, Canada, Denmark, United States and Switzerland – is a company specialized in design and marketing of civilian drones for professional use. Its clients include CERN, France Televisions, the Air Transport Gendarmerie (GTA), SPIE, TF1 and Freeway Prod.

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