NBK’s workflow, business process automation efforts win award from Workflow Management Coalition (WfCW)

National Bank of Kenya (NBK) has won a top award from the global Workflow Management Coalition (WfCW), an international organization that tracks global business process automation. NBK received the coveted Global award for excellence in BPM & Workflow which recognizes excellence in automation of workflow and business process management in organizations around the world.

Boston based WfMC said about the win: “NBK was looking to re-invent their business processes and workflows to enable greater efficiency and client satisfaction. This full banking organization process automation project has delivered up to 90% efficiency at the bank resulting to 80 per cent overall cost reduction. This award is in recognition of superior business process systems deployed by the Bank in 2015.”

(TOP: NBK CEO Munir Sheikh Ahmed, holding Visa cards printed at the bank’s head office. NBK is now among five Kenyan banks with in-house Visa card personalization capabilities).

Munir Sheikh Ahmed, CEO, NBK, while welcoming the award, said: “The bank continues to achieve exceptional performance following the implementation of this project and others under our transformation program launched in 2013. Our vision remains trained on transforming the homegrown Bank into a modern, innovative and highly competitive tier 1 lender,” he said.

The Award certificate was delivered to NBK by WfMC member Diwakar Nigam of NewGen Software Technologies.

End to end business process automation was part of NBK’s goal for a successful phase 1 of the transformation plan. In addition to automation, the program has achieved the reorganization of skilled workforce, redesign of banking halls for the modern feel, launch of new differentiated products  and deployment  new banking technologies which has injected new efficiency and competitiveness in the 48 year old lender.  Munir said Phase 2 which is ongoing is expected to consolidate the Bank’s  presence, achieve Top Tier status and see it roll out regional expansion.

The freshly re-branded Bank edged out KCB, Equity and other banks to win the best Bank in customer service 2015 Award by the Institute of Customer Service Kenya.

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