New press release portal launched, aims to help US organizations reach Africa’s media outlets

The Africa America Press Center is a new press release service. The Africa America Press Center supports US companies and organizations in creating and publishing their press releases in African media outlets. The service combines customized press release writing, editing and distribution service with communication through social media.

Managing Director of the Africa America Press Center is Melissa Ruggles: “Africa is rising and the world is taking notice. For quite some time now, US companies and organizations have shown a growing interest in undertaking – or expanding – operations throughout Africa. These companies want to share their news and the way to do that is naturally through the African media. That is exactly what we are going to do – share companies’ and organizations’ stories in diverse African media outlets. And we will do it in a new way.”

There are three elements that make our PR services different from any other PR agency in, or directed towards, Africa. We have spent years building our database of journalists. I am happy to announce that we have direct access to more than 6,500 journalists in all 54 African countries, and this number continues to grow.

Secondly, our database makes it possible to precisely target journalists. As a client, you can send your press releases to, for instance, all television journalists in Kenya specialized in health, or to all newspaper journalists in Botswana specialized in finance. That makes our service efficient for clients and very relevant to journalists.

The third element is Africa America Press Center’s use of social media. Africa America Press Center is partnering with Africa Business Communities, which enables access to 1.2 million African business professionals through extensive social networks. And with an even further dissemination of news and stories in other online channels, such as blogs, clients can reach millions.

According to Melissa Ruggles: “Now is the time to connect more companies and organizations to people and opportunities throughout Africa, and vice versa.”

However, Africa America Press Center will have to compete in a field where other press release distribution outfits already have a head-start, among these being Africa Press Organisation (APO) and Africa Media Agency (AMA).

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