Restaurants selling via Hellofood portal recorded over 60% rise in orders in 2015

Online food ordering portal Hellofood has announced that its 2015 food orders and sales grew by 300% as local and international restaurants of all sizes expedited their adoption of the company’s online marketplace platform.

Hellofood also announced that restaurants selling on its online marketplace registered over 60% increase in orders as the company moved to surpass the 270 mark for restaurants on-boarding through partnerships with local and international hotel chains with the latest being KFC, Ocean Basket, Artcaffe and Debonairs among others this year.

An internal analysis of food deliveries across the country indicate that Hellofood now controls close to 70% of the food delivery market in Kenya while food deliveries by independent restaurants account for the remaining 30% mainly driven by the company’s expansion of operations into Mombasa and other towns around Nairobi.

According to Duncan Muchangi, MD, Hellofood Kenya, it is the country’s middle-class that is majorly driving food e-commerce in the country.

“You will notice that over 60% of our deliveries are made to offices around Nairobi and Mombasa, corporates and organisation group orders have also gained massive traction and so have deliveries to the work-from-home.”

Duncan adds that due to the fast-paced urban lifestyles, tight company schedules and traffic jams most people prefer to place orders online and have them delivered as they go on with their business and meetings.

“This year our mobile orders surpassed desktop to stand at 65% which is a major indicator that consumers order food while at the go through their mobile app from their favorite restaurants.”

In addition to the strong growth, Hellofood plans to sign up more restaurants and hotels while rolling out its expansion to more towns and cities across Kenya to meet the growing demand for its services.

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