ZTE, Pakistan Telecoms Company establish Joint Innovation Centre, to collaborate on IPTV, OTT projects

ZTE has announced a strategic collaboration with Pakistan state-owned ICT services provider, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, to set up a Joint Innovation Center for Big Video (IPTV and OTT) in Pakistan.

The Joint Innovation Center (JIC) will be responsible for creating the latest technologies, seeking valuable partners and developing and operating new value-added services. The JIC is a bridge between Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and ZTE and a significant milestone in their long-term partnership.

The center will allow both parties to share resources, exchange knowledge and tap into the potential of the latest technology. The JIC is expected to encourage further innovation of PTCL’s SmartTV service, bring in more value, build a comprehensive and healthy eco-system and also accelerate new value-added services to be put into commercial use in Pakistan. These efforts will serve to enrich user experience by leading the video market vision in Pakistan.

PTCL is the largest ICT services provider in Pakistan, encompassing fixed line voice telephony, wireline and wireless broadband internet and digital television. It also provides a wide array of corporate solutions to businesses and enterprises across the country. PTCL has extended technology support to industry and enterprise growth through its GPON technology, Triple Play, Smart Link, I-Sentry, Voice over IP, High Speed Broadband, Primary Rate ISDN (PRI), Basic Rate Interface (BRI), Cloud Computing, Data Hosting and Data Management services. The company has Pakistan’s largest and most advanced Tier 3 certified data centers, designed to improve productivity and optimize business processes.

ZTE is a major provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions around the globe, with operations in 160 countries and serving over 500 operators.

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