Zhao Xianming replaces Shi Lirong as CEO of ZTE Corporation


The board of ZTE Corporation has made several management changes in the organisation beginning with the CEO and Chairman’s position.

Just as was reported yesterday by MobileWorldLive, the board has appointed Zhao Xianming as President and CEO of the Chinese-based IT firm, replacing Shi Lirong who has served in the position since 2010.

(TOP: Zhao Xianming, CEO, ZTE Corp. He’s previously the firm’s CTO. Photo credit: WSJ).

The changes, communicated in a statement issued after the firm’s board meeting held today – April 5.

The statement states in part: “Mr. Zhao Xianming was elected as the Chairman; Mr Zhang Jianheng and Mr Luan Jubao were elected as the Vice Chairmen of the Seventh Session of the Board of Directors of the Company. Moreover, Mr Zhu Wuxiang, Mr Luan Jubao, Mr Shi Lirong, Mr Wang Yawen, Mr Richard Xike Zhang, Mr Lü Hongbing and Mr Bingsheng Teng were elected members of the Nomination Committee of the Seventh Session of the Board of Directors of the Company.”

As part of the board resolution, Mr Zhao Xianming was appointed the President of ZTE Corp while Mr Wei Zaisheng, Mr Fan Qingfeng, Mr Zeng Xuezhong, Mr Xu Huijun, Mr Pang Shengqing, Mr Zhang Zhenhui and Mr Chen Jianzhou were appointed Executive Vice Presidents of the company. Mr Wei Zaisheng, apart from being an Executive VP, has also been appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of ZTE while Ms Cao Wei (the only woman in the board) has been appointed Secretary to the Board.

The new management team appointments take effective today following the Board Resolution.

“The new leadership will strive to comply with the highest business standards and be ready for challenges and opportunities in the M-ICT era, achieving long-term goals and bringing greater value to society, the shareholders and employees,” adds the statement.

Yesterday, MobileWorldLive, in an article quoting the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), reported that ZTE would today replace three of its most senior executives; CEO Lirong, and executive vice presidents Tian Wenguo and Qiu Zeizhao, with current CTO Zhao Xianming becoming CEO and chairman.

“WSJ claimed the changes are part of the company’s attempts to rebuild its reputation after being slammed with tough export restrictions for allegedly breaching controls on the export of US technology to Iran, following an investigation dating back to 2012,” stated MobileWorldLive.

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