ZTE unveils two ‘BLADE’ series smartphones

ZTE has released two new smartphones, the ZTE BLADE A910 and ZTE BLADE V7 MAX, at a company product launch conference with the theme of “Enjoying innovative fingerprint and excellence camera” in Beijing.

These devices follow ZTE Mobile Devices’ product development and branding strategy, to release phones under the ZTE brand. The company will focus on its parent brand and on young consumer demand for quality product experiences, as well as vigorously build and promote its distribution channels.

ZTE BLADE A910 is the first smartphone with 5.5-inch, AMOLED HD live color screen in China. Its powerful features also include a fingerprint scanner, all in the ultra-thin phone priced affordably. Following ZTE’s strong design tradition, the ZTE BLADE A910’s all-metal frame is only 6.9 millimeters thick, and its stylish design integrates a metallic trim for a noble look. The ZTE BLADE A910 includes the newest generation of fingerprint scanner; its Quick Unlock feature only takes 0.3 seconds.In another new development, users can program up to five fingerprint application shortcuts, to quickly and conveniently open different apps.

The ZTE BLADE V7 MAX once again demonstrates key smartphone technology experiences, including side fingerprint recognition, an autofocus speed comparable to professional cameras’, pop culture wallpapers, and a near-cinematic sound quality. The side fingerprint scanner is key to the phone’s innovative design: The BLADE V7 MAX’s placement of the fingerprint scanner on the side of the device frees up space on the back, leading to a compact, elegant design. It also provides an ergonomic user experience, allowing convenient, one-handed operation for either left-handed or right-handed users. The ZTE BLADE V7 MAX’s side fingerprint scanner also continued ZTE’s functional design tradition. For example, users can use fingerprint commands for encryption, unlocking, photographs, answering calls, mobile payment, and many other features.  The innovative 3D fingerprint functionality breaks away from traditional fingerprint technology to provide a uniquely and human user-friendly experience.

These new ZTE devices represent a strong signal of a domestic brand coordinating its global resources and development efforts. The BLADE V7 MAX and BLADE A910 evoke young, cool emotions, bringing fashion and innovation. Through excellent product design and personalized products at the core experience, these devices impress young users and push ZTE forward on its path to become a favorite youth brand.

To this end in channel development, ZTE Mobile Devices is aggressively expanding its channels in 2016. Adam Zeng, CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices and executive vice president, said earlier: “We have defined our ZTE store goals for 2016. ZTE Mobile Devices is promoting rapid and stable product sales growth through the integration of multiple resources, including systematic BG advantages with operators and cooperative agreements for reaching retail customers.”

Today, ZTE Mobile Devices fully introduced new technology channels for nationally popular ZTE series, in another important step toward accelerating distribution channels’ resurgence. ZTE Mobile Devices anticipates that the AXON and Blade series and ZTE’s fully integrated plans for channel-oriented user groups will help the company reach its goal of 70 million smartphones sold in 2016.

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