Taopix platform now has new features for print service providers

Software developer Taopix has announced major commercial enhancements to its personalised photo book and gift platform.
Taopix software already gives Print Service Providers (or PSPs) the power to ‘white label’ an entire photo commerce platform for retailers. This customisation includes products, pricing, brand look and feel, use of the brand’s own shopping cart and personalised emails. In this scenario, the print service provider is purely providing a manufacturing service; the retail partner takes responsibility for all sales and marketing activity.
The Taopix platform allows retailers to offer a wide range of photo-centric products that can be ordered by their customers via smartphone, tablet or larger screen devices. These include highly customisable calendars, prints and enlargements as well as quick photo books. Print ready orders are then delivered automatically to the production location.
Taopix has also developed a powerful range of APIs that give the retailer the freedom to use the Taopix Designers inside an existing e-commerce platform that manages customer logins, accounts, product management, basket and checkout.
James Gray, Taopix CEO, commented: “Taopix has empowered today’s Print Service Providers to approach their customers with a truly unique offering – instead of trying to sell more print, why not help their customers to sell more? The benefits are huge and result in a stronger partnership, access to a ready made customer base and the prospect of massively increasing revenue for all a parties involved.”
“Retailers love the idea of having new products to sell without holding stock and they can also benefit from additional footfall in store by using the ‘Collect from Store’ shipping option. More importantly, Taopix should be considered as a customer data collection tool that retailers can monetise long into the future.”
Taopix is a UK-based privately funded software development company established in 2007. The company is solely involved in the development, sale and support of its innovative photobook and photo gift software platform, typically deployed by photo gift retailers, print service providers and photo finishing companies. Taopix is distributed via a dedicated network consisting of its own global team and a worldwide reseller channel. Taopix HQ is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, with offices in the USA, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Japan. Strategic partnerships have also been established with leading digital print manufacturers, photo-centric solution providers and finishing equipment manufacturers to drive sales and promote awareness of Taopix worldwide.

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