TeamLimit Parent app allows users to manage kid’s phones for $3.3 per month

After the launch of the free version of TeenLimit in June 2015, French start-up Ars Nova Systems has now introduced a premium solution with parental control entirely manageable from the parent’s phone with a larger choice of features. TeenLimit Parent is available first on Google Play before its launch in other stores.

Thie premium version works in addition to the free app, installed on the kid’s device. The free parental control of TeenLimit works on Android and provides time management and app blocking features. By upgrading to premium, the parent uses his own phone to remote control his kid’s device. For only US $3,29 (Kshs 330) a month the parent can regulate the time his child spends on his mobile; block specific applications; block any inappropriate web content thanks to an internet filtering system; check if the child arrives at school (or to his sport’s activity) safely with geolocation as well as add or delete an hour of connection, turn off the device for dinner time, disable the parental control for a limited period and allow new apps and websites.

The idea of a mobile parental control like TeenLimit gets its origin from the experience of its CEO Yann Mareschal:
“I have three daughters and like lots of other teens today, they are connected to the Internet and social medias via their smartphone. They spend a lot of time chatting with their friends, posting photos and searching for videos on line. But what about ‘real life’ ? Screen time can be harmfull to it ; school time, precious family moments and even sleep are the first victims of overconnection.”
Parents want to help their kids to obtain only the best in technology, so they need a simple application to monitor screen use; TeenLimit Parent responds to their needs. The app will be available on Android, before a launch on iOS and Windows Phone in the second semester of the year.

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