VicoVR targets to raise $75,000 via IndieGoGo for VR sensor

VicoVR, a Bluetooth accessory that provides wireless motion tracking capabilities to Android and iOS ecosystems, has launched an IndieGoGo funding campaign for its VR sensor that finally allows mobile HMDs to be positionally tracked.

The campaign, which still still has a month to go, has already realised US $35,187 from 155 backers which is 47 per cent of the targeted total goal of US $75,000.

“VicoVR’s gaming system enhances Mobile VR gaming with familiar body tracking technology leaving no need for a PC, wires, or wearable sensors! When wirelessly paired with Mobile VR headsets such as Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, VicoVR enables HMD Positional Tracking and Full Body Tracking capabilities. You can also use VicoVR to pair with new generation of gaming platforms such as Android TV, AppleTV, and Android game consoles. The VicoVR gaming system truly allows you to move freely within mobile gaming worlds!,” states VicoVR’s campaign announcement.

VicoVR comes complete as a stand-alone 3D gaming system or as an add-on Bluetooth accessory for one’s existing VR headsets and gaming platforms. Data is then sent wirelessly, with minimal latency to any Android or iOS head mounted display, and does not consume the processing power of the user’s mobile head mounted display as all processing is done inside VicoVR.

VicoVR already has some exciting Android VR applications developed by 3DiVi and third party developers with more than ten finished Android applications. For pairing, download the VicoVR app which also serves as a catalog of games.

Several pre-order options also exist for those keen to try the system upon, with estimated delivery date starting from November this year.

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