Vodacom Tanzania to set up 500 Customer Care desks, employ 1,000 staff

Vodacom Tanzania is set to create more than 1,000 jobs to Tanzanians in the course of this year, as the telecom operator embarks on its new Service Desks project which will see the opening of 500 Service Desks across the country this year.
The firm intends to bring its services even closer to its customers by opening 500 Service Desks of which 200 will be opened between April and June.
The Service Desks are expected to enable Vodacom customers have access to more face-to-face customer service points, saving them a trip to town centers to acquire such services from Vodacom shops.
From the Service Desk, customers can receive various services including; topping up M-Pesa accounts, withdrawing cash from M-Pesa accounts, registering Simcards as well as other services offered by Vodacom shops.
Vodacom Tanzania’s Chief Officer – Sales and Distribution, Hassan Saleh said the aim of the Service Desks project, which will be implemented countrywide, is to bring customers closer to services and ultimately create jobs since such service points will require attendants.
“We intend to bring services closer to our customers and therefore, the plan is to have Vodacom’s Service Desks every 10 kilometers in all districts, commercial townships and special residential areas with a populace of at least 2000 people, including military camps,” said Saleh.  “A notable number of the service desks will be rolled out in the rural areas including Mbambabay in Songea, Inyonga in Mpanda, Pemba in Zanzibar and Handeni, Tanga. Others  areas in the list are Uvinza in Kigoma, Karagwe, Tarime and Mbeya’s Chunya district to name a few” he added.
The Vodacom official reiterated that they have made it their goal to have in place 200 Service Desks between April and July this year across all the targeted areas.
“By the end of this year we expect to have a total of 500 Service Desks opened, which will ultimately create employment opportunities for more than 1000 Tanzanians. To date, 144 service desks are already opened and servicing our customers around the country,” he said.

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