ZTE gets 2015 sub-Saharan Africa Frost & Sullivan award for customer value leadership

ZTE Corporation, an international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has been awarded the 2015 Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership.

During its recent analysis of the green energy solutions market for telecommunications, Frost & Sullivan found that ZTE’s integrated multi-energy solutions with its industry-leading telecommunications technology, makes it both a strategic technology and an energy partner of choice. Additionally, Frost & Sullivan identified ZTE’s leading ability to respond to the evolving needs of the SSA market by providing clean, reliable, modular, and cost-competitive energy solutions.

“ZTE is honoured to accept this award,” said Cui Wanheng, general manager of Energy Product Department. “We are committed to bringing our innovative solutions to the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, addressing the singular needs and constraints of this vibrant regional market.”

“Committed to pioneering improvements in the entire telecommunications technology value chain, ZTE’s global geographical service footprint exceeds 160 countries and 386 telecommunication operators,” said Danielle de la Mare, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst. “The transformation of its brand and corporate culture to encompass its values of environmental responsibility, creativity, and collaboration is significant in driving its reputation in the SSA market for the next generation of best-in-class green energy solutions.”

Through ZTE’s extensive knowledge of existing infrastructure in SSA, the company’s energy solutions, such as battery technology that intelligently manages peak demand and reduces the consumption of electricity generated from fossil fuels, can be installed in new base stations, or be used to transform existing sites. This knowledge and unique solutions position ZTE for growth as SSA infrastructure operators expand geographically.

As one of the pioneers of the practical application of the Energy Internet, ZTE’s energy products have delivered continuous innovation with advanced concepts in network management, and a number of successful cases in global market.

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