Amref launches mobile health information platform in Bungoma County

By Meshack Mbinda

Amref Health Africa in Kenya has launched M-JALI, a mobile-enabled platform for community health information management, in Kabuchai sub-county in Bungoma County through its Maternal and New-born health Improvement (MANI) programme on Thursday, June 9, 2016.

M-JALI, designed and developed by Amref Health Africa, supports improvement of health at community-level by improving efficiency of decision-making through timely reporting using mobile phones.

Amref trains Community Health Volunteers to use basic mobile phones to collect data at household level and this is instantly transmitted to the Community Health Information System database, linked to an online portal accessible across all the levels of the health system. County health management teams can then use the information to help in making evidence-informed decisions.

(Meshack Mbinda is HMIS co-ordinator at AMREF Kenya. This article was first published on the Amref website from where it’s been reproduced).

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