Wanjala’s helicopter antics inspire new android mobile game, Bungoma:Hangman

We all remember the ‘Bungoma Chopper Man’ – 41-year-old Saleh Wanjala or ‘James Bond Wanjala’ – the brave and fearless (or ‘courageously stupid’ guy depending on who you talk to) who decided to hang onto the chopper ferrying the body of the late Jacob Juma.

The Bungoma Chopper Man’s antics turned an otherwise sombre and sad occasion into a hilarious event, with most people not sure whether to sympathise or scold him for his unprecedented behaviour.

The guy received a lot of press in the period during and after Juma’s burial as many could not pretend why any right thinking person could do such a thing. Anyway, many concluded that Wanjala had never boarded a plane and this was his best opportunity.

However, foolish or stupid as they were, Wanjala’s antics have inspired a new creative project: an Android mobile game called Bungoma:Hangman has just gone live and is now available for downlaod.

Bungoma:Hangman – which was launched on the PlayStore less than a week ago – is described by the developer as being “fun and addictive game-play” with “awesome Graphics” as well as “Responsive Controls.”

Mesmerize Games, the BungomaHangman invites users to download the app stating: “Join the Bungoma Hangman in his epic adventure as he pulls the biggest stunt in Kenya.How far can you go without cashing?”

The app is 25Mb in size and has a Content Rating of “7+ with mild violence.”

And even though people made fun and laughed at Wanjala the person, they seem to be having fun and enjoying the game his antics have since inspired. Just look at some of the comments and reviews (it’s currently ranked 4.6 out of possible 5) of those who’ve already tried the game below:

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