PigiaMe’s safety campaign targets Nairobi riders

PigiaMe, one of Kenya’s classifieds sites, has launched a safety campaign. The PigiaMe
safety campaign will focus on increasing rider visibility by distributing reflective safety jackets.

The campaign will roll out in phases, with the first being run around Top Plaza along Ngong
road where their offices are, and then expanding into the rest of Nairobi.

The safety campaign is building around the initiative PigiaMe took in the beginning of this year,
to provide a safe online market for buyers and sellers in the classifieds business. Safety is one
of the key pillars for PigiaMe, introducing paid features for businesses and the verified seller
badge which serves as their mark of quality.

It is very clear that road safety for riders is far much more than reflective jackets, as it entails
helmets, knee pads shoulder pads and so much more. The simple things are often forgotten as
you find most riders with helmets and all sorts of protective gear, but they forget to invest in a
jacket, or wear the same one for years even after it’s worn out and is no longer effective. They
adviced that any cyclist who would like a few tips on how not to get knocked besides being
visible, can read through this article.

A research done by the World Health Organization revealed that; every year, more than 1.2
million people are killed in road accidents. A small accident can be fatal, no matter how careful
one rider is, if others on the road do not take the responsibility, unexpected things can happen.

More closer to home, this article has numbers of accidents involving two wheeled vehicles in
Kenya, highlighting how important it is for cyclists or bikers to have reflective jackets in order to remain visible at night and during the day.

PigiaMe, which hopes to save lives and promote safety both online for shoppers and sellers and for motorists, ran the first initiative on Friday last week.

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