Africa records highest internet user growth in 10 years

Africa has recorded the highest number of internet users in the last ten years – from 2006 to 2016 – according to new user statistics released by Internet World Stats.

According to the new stats, Africa currently has 333,521,659 users up from 4,514,400 in 2000, translating to a 7,288.0 % growth over the 2000 – 2016 period. Africa is followed by the Middle East region with 129,498,735 internet users compared to 3,284,800 people accessing the internet in 2000, which can be translated to mean 3,842.4 % growth over the same period.

Third region in terms of growth is Latin America and the Caribbean with  374,461,854 people up from 18,068,919 accessing the internet in 2000, a growth of 1,972.4 %.

The fourth region in terms of internet user numbers is Asia followed by Europe then Oceania /Australia and finally North America.


However, in terms of total user numbers, Asia is tops with 1,766,289,264 people followed Europe with 614,974,023 with Latin America and Caribbean region coming in third with 374,461,854 users.


Overall, there are currently 3,566,321,015 internet users globally compared to 360,985,492 in 2000, indicating a 887.9 % growth.

But even with this phenomenal growth in the past decade in terms of people using the internet, the penetration is still below 50% of the total population.

“The bottom line indicates that there are now 3,566,321.015 internet users in the world, as of June 2016. The total world population is estimated at 7,340,093,980. The penetration rate of the Internet in the world, is equivalent to 48.6%…,” states Internet World Stats.

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