CA automates services to boost customer experience

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has automated its service delivery in a bid to boost customer experience.

The Authority has reviewed its service charter and has put in place a new monitoring tool that would assist in evaluating its responsiveness to needs of customers.

The CA announced the latest developments recently as it re-launched its external service charter dubbed ‘Our Promise’ that among other things, places customer-centrism at the core of the Authority’s operations.

Speaking during the event, CA Director General, Francis Wangusi, said the Authority is committed towards highest standards of service delivery and that greater investments are being made to ensure customers get value from service rendered by the Authority.

‘‘The Authority is committed to ensuring that it maintains high standards in its operations and processes and also to retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce in order to achieve its mission of ‘Transforming lives through progressive regulation of the ICT sector,’’ said Wangusi.

The DG added that for the regulator to deliver on its promise to serve customers better, it is leveraging on technology to simplify its processes as well optimise on prompt delivery of services.

‘‘CA has and will continuously invest in technology as a driver for enhancing service delivery over the coming years. To this end the Authority has enhanced its capacity through the procurement of a Service delivery and monitoring system,’’ noted Wangusi.

Principal Secretary for Broadcasting and Telecommunications Sammy Itemere who graced the event said the government is keen on ensuring that consumers enjoy the diverse rights enshrined in the constitution, lauding the Authority for achieving such a milestone.

‘‘The Constitution places a responsibility and a burden on the entire public service and on all other governmental institutions the responsibility to ensure delivery of quality and efficient services to all the people of Kenya,’’ said Itemere.

Itemere said the Government is moving with speed towards delivering integrated services to Kenyans through the Huduma centres which have transformed public service through quick and cost effective services.

The Authority’s Customer service charter was developed in 2006 and has since undergone regular reviews to align it to the emerging needs of customers in an ever-changing ICT ecosystem. The new service charter tracking system is expected to assist the Authority to monitor and evaluate the achievement of the external and internal charter commitments with a resultant improvement in better experience for its internal and external stakeholders.

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